Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo

Jesse Garza and Joe Lupo, co-authors of Nothing to Wear?, share their expert advice for finding the perfect pair of khakis. Although khakis are a classic fashion basic, Jesse and Joe say there are certain things you should avoid at all costs—steer clear of khakis with a high-waist, tapered legs and pleats. Think khakis have to be 100 percent cotton? Not so, according to Jesse, who says a little stretch is the key for killer khakis.
Mariah wears khakis by Elie Tahari.

Jesse and Joe outfit Mariah in a pair of Elie Tahari khaki pants, featuring a slight low-rise waist, slightly flared leg and thick waistband that elongates the leg and flattens the stomach.

The stylish duo says to look for modern khakis without a side pocket in order to make hips and thighs looks slim and smooth. If your favorite pair has pockets, Jesse and Joe suggest cutting them out and sewing the pocket closed.
Stacy London shares the perfect pair of khakis.

Style expert Stacy London, co-author of Dress Your Best, reveals the modern and classic way to wear khakis—no matter what your age or body shape. Stacy says almost anybody can wear these pants by Elie Tahari, a perfect example of the modern khaki. Look for a wide waistband that can cinch a tummy, shallow pockets that help hide hips and a slight flare that lengthens the leg.

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Khakis with split pockets

Puzzled when it comes to your posterior? Stacy says split pockets on khakis are the most universally flattering on women. They don't add any bulk to the booty and help to highlight the curve of the tush. Plus, they can help break up a large expanse of fabric—and that makes the behind look its best.
Cargo khakis and classic khakis

A cargo pant (left) is still super popular, but Stacy says to be careful—if the cargo pocket is on the side of the leg and you worry about carrying weight in your thighs, this is not the khaki for you.

However, a classic wide trouser (right) made from a nice, lightweight fabric with a little bit of sheen and a thick waistband—like this pair by Ralph Lauren—will get you through almost any occasion in style.

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