Marjorie Bibbons, Age 58

Photo: Donna Alberico

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Marjorie Bibbons, Age 58 (Before)
Founder, Healing Hands Helping Broken Hearts

Her Rescue Mission: Eight Christmases ago, Marjorie decided to show her family that giving could bring them more joy than a glut of presents. So she and her daughter cooked dozens of meals and delivered them to local shelters. Marjorie's nonprofit, Healing Hands Helping Broken Hearts, now feeds at least 500 people at a local church every Thanksgiving and Christmas; almost all of the funding comes out of her own pocket. The rest of the year, Marjorie delivers donated clothes and blankets to shelters and housing projects. After Hurricane Sandy hit, she received such an influx of donations that she sold her dining room furniture to store it all. Although Marjorie was laid off from her accounting job last year, she is confident that she'll be able to continue to do this work. "God will provide what I need to keep going," she says. Her approach is passionate, grassroots, and, she hopes, in the same spirit as her idol, Mother Teresa. "She never stereotyped anyone or took anything for herself," says Marjorie.

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