Sara Alize Cross

Photo: Lorenzo Agius

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Her Beauty Treatment
The Clothes: "I'm pretty much always in jeans and a T-shirt with flip-flops or sneakers," says Sara, who has had a harder time finding clothes she likes since gaining weight. A sparkly Tracy Reese dress flatters Sara's hourglass figure: The bow belt emphasizes her waist, while the calf-length skirt ends at the slimmest part of her leg, making her look leaner.

The Hair and Makeup: After years of intense work, Sara was ready to lighten up and get a little playful. So Ken brightened her hair—and her complexion—with golden highlights. Makeup artist Sarah opened Sara's eyes by lining them in deep brown, then blending a gold shadow over her lids. Peach blush and lip gloss complete the fresh, glowing look.

Her Reaction: "I'm usually covered in dog hair and driving sick animals to the vet. I never imagined being pampered in such an extravagant way! This is a new beginning for me—I have a great rescue team in place now, and I'm really going to try to take care of myself again."

Dress, Tracy Reese, $998. Earrings, R.J. Graziano.