Agnes Zhelesnik
100, Teacher

Believed to be the oldest working teacher in America, Zhelesnik is a full-time home economics instructor at the Sundance School in North Plainfield, New Jersey, where she's been employed since 1995. Nicknamed Granny by her students ages 3 to 6, she still teaches four classes a day. "If you met the kids, you'd go to work every day, too," she says.

Style philosophy: "I think people should be appropriate. Sometimes when I see an older person with a short dress, I say, 'I don't think that looks so nice.'"

Go-to outfit: Jeans and sweaters. "Now I don't wear anything very fancy. But at one time, I wore fussy clothes—high heels and circle skirts and nice dresses—and liked them very much."

Fashion regret: "I don't regret anything, because everything I wore I picked out myself."

Stay-young secret: The schoolchildren. "They are the best. I feel the love they give me. They come in before and after school and hug me. I like the attention."

Anorak, Marla Wynne. Top, Tanya Taylor. Skirt, Lela Rose. Bracelet, Aerin Erickson Beamon, 646-619-6857.