Runway model wearing patterned suit

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The Trend: The Printed Suit
The Issue: We're big on pattern, with one exception: "You don't want to look like you're wearing wallpaper," says O creative director Adam Glassman.

The Fix: Go for printed separates instead of a head-to-toe ensemble. "Choose one busy piece—either a top or a bottom—and keep everything else simple and solid," suggests Adam. "Also, printed skirts are generally more flattering than pants—a pattern can make you look larger than you are."
Runway model wearing large black fur and dorsal fin on head

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The Trend: Fur All Over
The Issue: Dressing up as a teddy bear for Halloween is adorable. Dressing up as a teddy bear on a random Tuesday...not so much. "We at O do not condone the use of animal fur in fashion," says Adam. "And even if that weren't the case, this all-over fur ensemble is hideous."

The Fix: Less is more. If you like the look but don't want to wear a yeti fur cape like this one, try a faux-fur collar on a blazer or cardigan for a luxurious but understated feel.
Runway model wearing oversize blue coat

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The Trend: Oversize Coats
The Issue: Brisk fall breezes make it tempting to leave the house wrapped up in something resembling a sleeping bag. If only it were slightly less blimpy looking. "Most people work hard to maintain a slimmer figure—why cover it all up with something that makes you look bigger than you are?" says Adam.

The Fix: If you want volume (and warmth!), pick a coat that's fitted at the shoulders and looser elsewhere, like a car coat or a trapeze coat. Wear it with an item underneath that's got a sleek silhouette, like slim-cut pants or a pencil skirt.
Runway model wearing black sheer lace outfit

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The Trend: Too Much, Too Sheer Lace
The Issue: Lace can be ladylike, but overdo it and you enter different fashion territory. "Showing this much skin is very stripperesque," says Adam.

The Fix: Choose no more than one part of the body to get the sheer treatment. Lace sleeves on an otherwise solid shirt or a lacy camisole peeking out from underneath a blazer are modest yet alluring alternatives to a Vegas peek-a-boo outfit.
Runway model in huge pink fur hat and white fur coat

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The Trend: Statement Hats
The Issue: "Avoid them unless you want to look like a Dr. Seuss character," says Adam. "You don't want anything that would make anyone wonder, 'What was she thinking?'"

The Fix: Choose a hat that complements, rather than distracts from, your outfit, like a fedora or a knit cap.

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