Shine Like New

A shoe shine can do wonders to protect and condition leather shoes, but Jim received an inside tip for keeping patent leather shoes looking like new. Applying furniture polish, like Pledge, will give patent leather shoes a great finish.

Buy Shoes That Last

When it comes to shoe shopping, Jim says you often get what you pay for. "If you're buying shoes for less than $20, 99 percent of the time it's going to be man-made," he says. These man-made materials can include plastic and particle leather—a mixture of leather, resin and particle parts. "If you get them wet, they'll wear out in a week."

For shoes that last and allow feet to breathe, Jim says there is nothing like real leather—look inside the shoe for a label or print to be sure it's genuine. "Unfortunately, unless you catch one heck of a sale, it's going to be hard to find decent shoes under $60, $70," he says.

To work with what you already have, Donald says insoles and arch supports can help make an inexpensive shoe feel more comfortable. Donald says the added arch support—either fitted by a doctor or purchased at a local convenience store—can make all the difference.
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