Glamourous side-sweep updo

Photo: Courtesy of Timothy C. Johnson

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The Glam Side-Sweep
Curls are good for updos says Johnson; they act as a cushion and give bobby pins something to grip.

1. If you don't have natural curls, create them with a curling iron and set with hairspray while your hair is still warm. If you're lucky enough to have natural waves, wrap any kinky or frizzy pieces around the barrel of a curling iron.

2. Make a deep side part with a comb and pull a five-inch section of hair in front of your right ear and a three-inch section in front of your left.

3. Swing the rest of your length across your left shoulder and secure at the nape of your neck with a few bobby pins (essentially creating a side ponytail without using an elastic).

4. Divide the smaller section in front of your left ear into two pieces and separate the thicker section on your right into four pieces.

5. Twist a piece from each side back, cross them and pin over your side pony. Repeat this step with another piece from each side.

6. Twirl the remaining two pieces on the right back and secure over the top with hairpins to hide any visible bobbies. Finish with hairspray.