Royal half-up updo

Photo: Courtesy of Timothy C. Johnson

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The Royal Half-Up
This style reminded us of Pippa Middleton's look on her sister's big day. To keep your hair from looking too "bridesmaid," skip accessories and avoid using too much hairspray.

1. Mist hair with hairspray; then, all over your head, wrap one-inch sections around the barrel of a medium-size curling iron. If your hair resembles Shirley Temple's when you're done, don't worry—tight curls relax into waves.

2. Using a comb, make a short middle part (starting at your forehead and going about four inches back), creating two small sections of hair on either side of your face.

3. Pull both sections in front of your ears and divide each in half so that you're left with two small pieces on your right and two on your left.

4. Grab one of the two pieces from the right side, twist and pin it to the middle of your head. Do the same on the left side, crossing it over to form an "X," and pin.

5. Twist the remaining two pieces back and secure one over and the other under the "X" with bobby pins for a look similar to the photo above.