Susan's new look for the gym

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Forty-nine-year-old Susan is looking for something more flattering to wear to her aerobic dance classes. "I feel intimidated working out next to young girls who have those great bodies and their cute little outfits," she says. "I feel frumpy and old in my oversized T-shirt and boring gym shorts."

Lloyd's answer for Susan is a chocolate brown workout ensemble from lululemon athletica paired with brown and pink Nike sneakers from Nordstrom. "It's sculpted around her body and it's chocolate brown, so it's going to be slimming without wearing morbid black," he says. "We did a shot of blush underneath. It's a halter style, so it's going to lift [the girls] up where they belong. And when it's time to work out, you want to reveal a little more as you get toned."

If Susan needs to run errands or catch a flight, Lloyd says she can dress up the outfit by replacing the jacket with a nice cardigan in a matching color and swapping out the sneakers with ballet flats. Lloyd chooses a sweater he found at Nordstrom. "Sometimes you only have five seconds. You can't go home and change," he says. "This is a quick way to do it if you're in a pinch."