Linda before and after her makeover

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Mike turned his 51-year-old mom, Linda, into the fashion police for a wardrobe update! Among his mom's top fashion offenses, he says, are a black, muumuu-shaped dress with orange flowers, a blue and black number that evokes Star Trek uniforms, and what he calls her "traffic sign orange" dress.

Linda says she thinks her clothes are age-appropriate, timeless and classic. But her son disagrees! "My mom likes to think that because her clothes still fit after 25 years, that means they're still in style," Mike says.

The experts are on Mike's side. "Old clothes equal old look," Charla says. To give Linda a timelessly sophisticated look, Charla dresses her in a Zack Posen black pencil skirt paired with a Tesori printed top, brown leather belt from W. Kleinberg and Cole Haan boots, all from Nordstrom. "It's a great look for women in their 50s because you put it on and it's like a shaper. It gives you that va-va-va-voom booty, and it really is great for the hips and the waist," Charla says. "It's a very ladylike look. I dare you to put on a pencil skirt and not feel like a woman."

"I'm blown away," Linda says. "I just feel beautiful."

Even Mike approves of his mom's new look! "She looks great," he says.