White House Black Market Instantly Slimming Dress

The "Your Waist Is So Little!" Black Dress
The LBD is a wardrobe staple, which makes it all the more important that you feel more attractive than Victoria Beckham on the arm of David Beckham while wearing it. A mesh panel in the waist smooths out any would-be muffin top, so you're svelte without sucking in.

$160, WhiteHouseBlackMarket.com
Bebe 3/4 Crew Neck Colorblock Dress

The "Have You Been Doing P90X?" Dress
This color-blocked style melts away pounds—or at least creates the illusion of it. The black band down the center widens just below your widest part, making your hips look slimmer, and the pale gray sides at the waist make your obliques look as toned as if you've spent a month doing Tony Horton's Ab Ripper X.

$109, Bebe.com
Liz Claiborne Cap-Sleeve Peplum Dress from JCPenney

The "Hey, Were You an Extra on Revenge?" Dress
Look ready for business—even if that business is crashing a Hamptons luncheon à la Emily Thorne—in this modern take on the classic sheath. The navy cap sleeves and slight peplum skirt act as counterpoints to the skinny aqua belt, creating a subtle yet captivating hourglass. It's two parts lady, one part sass.

$40, JCPenney.com
Purple Nue by Shani dress

The Camera-Doesn't-Add-Any-Pounds Dress
The V-neck wrap style has long been a staple in TV anchors' wardrobes—the three-quarter-length sleeves keep your arms from jiggling, it's body-slimming without feeling snug, and in jewel tones, it makes your skin glow. This one goes a step further: The built-in undergarment makes you look like you've dropped a dress size overnight.

$198, eDressMe.com
Sophie Plus Size Colorblock Dress in Navy from Igigi

The "Wow, You Look Gooood" Dress
The navy stripe running from the boat neckline to the at-the-knee hem on this plus-size number means your face and ever-flattering collarbones are the first thing people notice—your tiny waist, the second thing.

$112, Igigi.com
Eloquii Stripe Side Tie Dress

The "Yes, You Can Wear Stripes" Dress
Horizontal stripes have gotten a bad rap. When they're strategically placed, they can accent your assets like a real-world version of Photoshop. Take this graphic dress—another knockout in the plus-size category. Thick black horizontal stripes emphasize the bustline and gradually get thinner—and start running diagonally—from the waist down. Hello, longer, leaner, pattern-wearing you.

$83, Eloquii.com
Ann Taylor Colorblocked Ruche Waist Dress

The "You're So Pulled Together!" Dress
Color blocking may be all about highlighting the contrast between two colors, but we love how it can be used to complement your body. The ruched black waist of this sapphire dress acts like an illusionist's corset: The dark color makes your stomach look slender—without the pain of an actual so-tight-I-can-barely-breathe contraption.

$98, AnnTaylor.com

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