Trinny and Susannah in capris

Should you be wearing shorts? What do your legs really look like in capri pants? What's the best look for the beach? Fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine show you how to dress slimmer this summer!

Not all women should be wearing capris—even though most of us have them as staples in our summer wardrobe. Trinny and Susannah say that if you're too small, capris can make you look smaller, and if you have thick calves or chunky ankles, just don't wear them!

"I look like I'm wearing a short trouser because my legs are so short, and it cuts right in the middle of my chunky calf," Trinny says (left). " People thought when I did that shoot I lost a foot in height."

"Someone with perfect legs [can wear capris], sort of like myself," Susannah says (right). "You have to have good skinny legs to wear capris. They don't look great on me either, I should say!"
Trinny in high-waisted shorts

When it comes to wearing shorts this summer, Susannah says there's only one place to wear them. "We feel shorts should be left for the beach and not be worn anywhere else. On the beach they're fine, otherwise wear a light, cotton skirt." If you are going to wear shorts, Trinny models what not to wear.
Trinny models shorts

Trinny is modeling what you should wear to the beach on the right. High-waisted gathered shorts make tummies and bums look enormous! Instead, opt for low-rise, flat-fronted, longer shorts. They're the most flattering shape for short legs.
Collette before

Off the beach, Colette was caught making the ultimate summer fashion crime—bad shorts that highlighted her figure flaws. Colette's shorts accentuated her thighs and saddlebags, making her look wider than she is. But Trinny and Susannah loved the fit of Colette's jacket.
Collette after

"Everything with Colette was just going south," Trinny says. So the first thing the makeover team did was give Colette fabulous hair and a fresh new makeup to draw attention to her beautiful face. Then, they replaced her tight shorts with a skirt that skimmed her thighs. "The skirt shows off your fabulous legs and it just gives you an hourglass figure," Trinny tells Colette. "You look wonderful."
Beleta before

Forty-nine-year-old Beleta was committing the same fashion no-no. In fact, Trinny and Susannah raided her suitcase and found pair after pair of unflattering, high-waisted, pleated shorts. "That's a grandpa short," Susannah says. "That's what old men do the gardening in. Not for someone like you, gorgeous!" Beleta has a fabulous figure, but in the clothes she chooses to wear, she looks at least 10 pounds heavier than she is.
Beleta after

Beleta's new flattering summer clothes make all the difference! The well-fitting jacket and slimming skirt show off her best assets…including her great legs!
Susannah in a bad swimsuit ensemble

What do you wear when you soak up the sun? "When it's off to the pool, leave your diamonds, heavy makeup and heels at home," says Trinny. Check out Susannah, who is modeling what not to wear to the beach.
Susannah models swimsuit ensembles

And Susannah says there's one sure way to make your look stand out! "Wearing everything from one label accentuates a lack of taste. Choose one piece and mix with contrasting accessories." She models the slenderizing swimsuit look on the right.