Makeup artist Damone Roberts may be known as "The Eyebrow King," but we think of him more as a beauty therapist. He's answering your most-asked beauty questions with confidence-boosting solutions that won't break your beauty budget.
Q: As I mature, new hair is growing on my face (except for my brows). Any ideas for the best method to remove unwanted facial hair that are the least painful and easy to maintain?

— Melonie, age 49

A: Dearest Melanie, the human body has a wicked sense of humor as we mature. It's true that hair starts growing everywhere we don't want it and doesn't in places we would give a month's salary for.

Do not shave, as it only removes the surface hair and can irritate the skin.

Tweezing is a better option, as the hair is pulled from the root, allowing more time for regrowth to appear.

Waxing is another way to get rid of many hairs at one time.

Electrolysis or laser hair removal must be done by a professional and can be expensive and time consuming, without a permanent guarantee.

Keep your chin up (literally)! Adding an extra 10 minutes to your beauty routine every two weeks is easy to maintain when dealing with facial hair and should not be too painful.

Q: Is there such thing as the "perfect" lipstick color? I'm of medium complexion and continue to buy the wrong shade of "nude." Any suggestions?

— Lisa, age 52

A: Lisa, the definition of the "perfect" lipstick color is a matter of personal taste, regarding a shade that not only appeals to you, but also works best with your skin tone.

When choosing the right shade of nude, the basic rules for fairer skin are colors with a peach undertone.

If your complexion is more olive, look toward a beige color with highlights of pink.

For darker tones, pick a brown shade with a soft gold shimmer.

When rocking the nude look, remember to use a lip liner that is one shade deeper than the color to add definition.

I have found that this look works best joined together with a smoky eye. Best of luck to you!

Q: I have oily eyelids. I don't wear eyeshadow. I've been wearing black liquid eyeliner on the upper lid/dark brown lower. I want to wear eyeshadow to bring out the brown in my eyes, but I don't know how to apply it so that it looks flawless. HELP!

— Karen, age 49

A: My friend Karen, "flawless" is a word that is going to require patience. I believe every woman has the potential to learn how to bring out her personal best.

I would suggest first using a concealer on the eyelid, before setting with a loose powder. This will give the eyeshadow something to adhere to, while absorbing the oil from your eyelids.

I also like to preach about the power of a professional makeup brush. This is imperative for a "flawless" eyeshadow application.

What aspect of your beauty routine do you need help with? Ask Damone your question.


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