Makeup artist Damone Roberts may be known as "The Eyebrow King," but he considers himself more of a beauty therapist. He answers your most-asked beauty questions with confidence-boosting solutions that won't break your beauty budget.
Q: I am a true redhead! Red hair, freckles and light skin. I am getting married in the spring and have no clue on how to do my makeup. I want it to look very natural and classic, as it lasts all day, which is another problem I have with makeup: It does not last. Any suggestions you could provide would be great.

A: Your wedding day is something most women have dreamed of their whole lives, and the last thing you want to be thinking of is, "How do I look?" I would suggest applying a face primer before your actual foundation. Primers provide a base for foundations, eyeshadows and blush to adhere to for longer wear. When searching for the right makeup look on your wedding day, remember to bring out the best version of you. Trends do not last, but a classic, elegant face is timeless.

Q: I have noticed now that the temperature has dropped during the winter season, my makeup has changed consistency! My pencils, for example, now feel dry and scratchy against my skin. Why?

A: Makeup is like anything else that is left out in the cold, and the dry, cool weather can temporarily change the consistency of makeup that is designed to be applied at room temperature. This does not necessarily mean the makeup has gone bad; it may simply mean the product needs to be warmed up by storing in consistent room temperature, by keeping the caps on and lids closed, or in some cases by simply rolling the product in between your hands. Please note heating by electrical means is never recommended for beauty products.

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