Before and after long hair makeover

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Elizabeth Mulé, 42, model and actress
Myth she wasn't ready to let go of: "When your hair is shorter and off your face, you have to wear lots of makeup. "A couple of other myths she wasn't ready to let go of: "Only long, flowing hair is sexy. Only long hair is versatile."

Oh, and one more: "I look good only with long hair."

As if that weren't enough, another reason she avoided haircuts: "When I was 19, someone chopped off my hair into very short, uneven layers with a razor. I went out to dinner afterward, and cried and cried. Since then, I've been tempted to cut my hair, but I'm too ambivalent. Also, my dad always thought that women look more beautiful with long hair, so my three sisters and I kept ours long."

What she said right after losing eight inches: "I'm fine. Totally fine."

What she was doing as she said it: Wringing her hands and fighting back tears.

How she felt the day after her haircut: "One hundred percent behind it! I feel like a grown-up. My girlfriends are ecstatic."

What Kevin did: To accentuate her stunning bone structure, Kevin layered Elizabeth's hair to her cheekbones and jawline. Steve Amendola at Eiji salon in New York City added soft, dark blonde highlights to give the cut movement and depth.