• As you age your lips lose natural moisture, so it's best to use very creamy, hydrating lipsticks that fill in the creases in your lips—your lips will look smoother and shinier. Look for hydrating lipsticks with natural emollients. Examples of creamy lipsticks are pictured above.
  • Sheer lipsticks give a hint of color and wonderful sheen. Best of all, says Laura, they help lips look more plump and youthful, which is fantastic since lips tend to appear thinner as we age.
  • Lip gloss and lip glaces are wonderful for creating super shiny, kissable lips. Just remember to begin applying the gloss from the center—the plumpest part—of the lips. And since glosses and glaces tend to feather and fade more easily on dry or crinkled lips, be sure to re-apply as needed.
  • For color choices, you must consider your skin tone, which can change with age and the seasons. Skin can become more sallow in winter, for example. Everyone is different, but in general Laura suggests that older women consider shying away from bold colors that contrast with their natural skin tones. Seek out muted lip colors and let your natural color and brightness shine through.
  • Observe yourself, Laura says. If your lips have gotten considerably thinner with age, then perhaps drawing the dramatic banana-shaped lips with your lipstick, with an emphasized dip in the center of the top lip, isn't right for you anymore. Follow your intuition!

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