Ways to Look Sharper

3 Ways To Look Sharp
Raina Blyer, New York-based tailor

A Little Pinch at the hem of a pencil skirt or a dress that hits at the knee will make you look curvy and your outfit more high-end.

Cheaper Brands often make jacket sleeves wide so they can accommodate a large cross section of women. Getting rid of some of the fabric in the upper arm will help create a sharper cut.

Because Many Pieces are made to fit a wide range of shapes, people often complain about having a gap at the back of the waistband of their pants or skirts. A tailor can easily take that in and add flattering darts.

2 Ways To Make Your Shoes Fit So Much Better
David Mesquita, co-owner of New York’s Leather Spa shoe repair

A Cobbler Can Lengthen Or Widen most snug-fitting shoes by as much as a half size for around $15. If they’re relatively new, you can stretch them yourself. Just spray either the inside or outside with shoe stretch spray (available at shoe repair shops or drugstores) and wear them while they’re still damp. The shape of your foot will help soften the leather and break in your shoes. If they still rub in a particular area, cover it with a piece of adhesive moleskin, which will reduce any friction.

High Heels Don’t Have To Hurt. You can shorten some styles by a quarter of an inch. That little bit can change the angle of your shoes and make a big difference.

1 Way To Put It All Together
Jerry Pozniak, owner of the high end dry cleaner Jeeves NY

Get Your Clothes Professionally Pressed. A pro can roll out the lapels, steam the sleeves and remove creases much more thoroughly than you can at home, often for half the cost of standard dry cleaning. You’ll look better and save a few dollars at the same time.