Carmen Electra as a bride

Carmen Electra
Once Carmen Electra had selected her wedding dress I created 13 different hairstyles on her and took a Polaroid picture of each one so she could select the one which was perfect for her. I'm sure we over did it a little with 13 choices! But don't be afraid to try many looks and to go back several times, practice makes perfect. You'll be happy on the day of your wedding that you do not have to worry about your hair and you can relax and enjoy the moment!
Marley Shelton's wedding hair look

Marley Shelton
Your gown should directly influence your hairstyle. When actress Marley Shelton got married her dress (and wedding) had a 1920's old Hollywood feel, so we chose a beautiful finger-waved chignon as her glamorous style.
Ken Paves works on Jessica Simpson's wedding hair

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson was a true fairytale princess on her wedding day. Since she and Nick Lachey both love her hair down, we chose a romantic texture that took her hair from looking casual to polished. I finished it off by pulling some delicate strands away from her face with three antique broaches.
Jessica Simpson prepares for gorgeous hair and her wedding!

Romance brings a special joy to any wedding couple. As you try out different hairstyles keep in mind your finance's feelings about how you wear your hair. After all it is this man that you are walking down the aisle to marry, and this is also his dream come true. When Jessica Simpson got married I asked Nick how he liked her hair, and I worked his opinion into her hairstyle. Looking beautiful is feeling beautiful and how we feel is directly linked to how people receive us.
Ken Paves and Christina Applegate get her wedding hair ready

Christina Applegate
It's very important to work with a stylist that knows your hair. I had worked with Christina for many years, so we had a comfortable relationship to go over all the possible styles she might wear for her dream wedding.

If your regular stylist doesn't feel comfortable doing "wedding hair" have him/her recommend a stylist who works well with your hair type.
Christina Applegate's wedding hair

Remember today is "your" very special day, a day that you have dreamed of your whole life. Pay as much attention to the detail of your wedding hair as you have in choosing your gown, your invitations, and this very special date. All the accessories to this special moment are only to "enhance" you, so shine on your special day princess!