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How Do You Feel About the Way You Look?
(The most-selected from a list of nine descriptors)

Grateful: 52.2%
Satisfied: 46.1%
Self-conscious: 32.6%
Dissatisfied: 28.7%
Happy: 27.4%

Self-conscious: 50%
Satisfied: 42.9%
Grateful: 40.5%
Happy: 36.9%
Dissatisfied: 26.2%

"I see in magazines how my hair should look, and girls on TV who are 20 pounds lighter. If I had someone to do my hair and a trainer, I could be like that. But it's hard to both think that way and be happy with how you look."—Kateyln Labarre, 18, Southborough, Massachusetts

Are You Concerned About Aging?

60s: 67.6%
Teens: 43.2%

"Guaranteed: In five years, these teens will wonder what they were concerned about!"—Valerie Monroe