Photo: Kevin Cremens

Invigorating New Scents
Here's a cool idea: Keep these light, sunny colognes in the fridge. When you're feeling a little under the (warm) weather, pull one out and give yourself a splash. Eau Ravissante is a rosy floral; Eau Universelle, a zesty citrus; and Eau Captivante, a crisp, refreshing lime. You'll be shivering with pleasure!

L'Occitane Eaux de Cologne, $47 each;

Photo: Kevin Cremens

Magic Wand
Cone shaped, vibrating, revolving—when it comes to mascara wands, we thought we'd seen it all. Then we clapped our eyes on the new CK One Mascara . Twist the top of the cap one way to elongate the brush and separate the bristles; twist it the opposite way to contract them. You get long, defined lashes when the brush is extended and full, voluminous ones when it's compact. Either way you'll find the highly pigmented and water-resistant formula doesn't smudge, flake, or pull a quick disappearing act.

CK One Mascara, $18;

Photo: Kevin Cremens

Coming Clean
Because this summer's dazzling rainbow of colors is too fun to resist, we've changed our nail polish more times in the past two months than we have in the past two years.But when cobalt and tangerine are in the mix, a high-powered polish remover is a must. The one we keep coming back to: Sephora Collection Instant Nail Polish Remover. Stick each nail into the sponge inside, twist, and the color disappears—no rubbing, no pile of dirty cotton balls. Our other bright-manicure essential: the Cutex Corrector Pen. Its angled point lets you tidy up the edges of your nails, and with four replacement tips, it lasts through dozens of polish changes.

Sephora Nail Polish Remover, $9.50;

Cutex Corrector Pen, $4;

Photo: Kevin Cremens

When I realized the closest I'd get to the Mediterranean coast this summer would be the East Side of Manhattan, I was deeply consoled by the exotically scented Diptyque Art of Body Care Travel Collection. The shower gel, body lotion, hand balm, and body polish are each formulated to evoke the fragrance of a spot near the azure sea, from the orange blossoms of Greece to the jasmine of Tunisia.—Val Monroe

Diptyque Art of Body Care Travel Collection, $50;

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