Swimsuit Shopping 101

Don't get hung up on numbers. Sizing varies and is not always the same as your dress size.

Don't wait till the last minute—it takes a while to find a suit, so allow plenty of time.

Do be sure to adjust all the straps and ties. If you're left with wrinkles in the top or bottom, the suit is too big.

Do the towel test: Bend down as if you're picking up a towel, then move as you normally would. If anything digs or falls out, then the suit is not a keeper.

Do your makeup, apply self-tanner and get a bikini wax. Swimsuit shopping can be stressful, so you might as well look your best!

Our Favorite Websites for Specialty Swimsuits

For plus size: swimsuitsforall.com
A super-easy-to-navigate site that lets you shop by body type and offers sizes 8–34.

For maternity: peainthepod.com
Chic designs—ruching! fashion-forward details! sophisticated colors!—set it apart from the mommy pack.

For bigger busts: figleaves.com
Features a wide selection of bra-sized swimwear from designers like Freya, Panache, and Fantasie.

For different-size tops and bottoms: Giejo.com
Flattering mix-and-match pieces and a seemingly endless array of gorgeous prints guarantee a unique look.

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