dyeing hair red

Photo: Sergio Kurhajec

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The Magic: Step 3
Using the bottle that comes in the box, squeeze the golden brown demipermanent dye onto towel-dried hair, massaging it in from roots to midlength, avoiding the ends. Wait five minutes, then use your fingers to work the color through to the ends of the hair. Wait another five minutes and rinse.

The Maintenance
In three weeks, Dana can apply another layer of the same demipermanent color to refresh the golden tones in her hair. In six weeks, her natural brown roots will be growing in and she can use a permanent dye to bring them to an auburn color. That shade should be a bit darker than the one she used initially on her bleached hair; Clairol Nice 'n Easy in Natural Medium Auburn ($8; drugstores) would be a good choice. Dana should do the root touch-up with a toothbrush so the dye is applied only to her regrowth, not to previously dyed hair.

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