Rutina Wesley

Photos: Chris Craymer

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Top Notes: Smooth and Flowing
Ken Says...
"Simply styled, luxuriant hair beautifully contrasts with an athletic body."

Balancing Act
Ken layered Wesley's hair throughout to give it movement and a soft shape. Afterward, he worked Unite U Luxury D Frizz oil through her dry hair in sections from the midshaft to the ends. Then he went over it with a warm blow-dryer to help the hair absorb the oil, followed by a shot of cool air to lock it in. "Oil is good for keeping thick hair soft and swingy," he says. Finally, Ken used a two-inch curling iron all over to add a bit of wave.

"When you're going for luxurious, it's all about fluidity—and keeping everything incredibly soft."

Dress, DKNY, $395. Necklace, Pluma.