Rutina Wesley

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Rutina Wesley, 35
Body Type: Athletic
Wesley says her personal style isn't so different from that of her True Blood alter-ego, strong-willed vampire Tara, who is partial to body-conscious, edgy pieces like corsets and ankle boots. "I have a lot of input in choosing her wardrobe, and I've learned to wear things that accentuate my muscles but in a feminine way," says Wesley, an avid runner and Pilates fan. "My arms, especially, can look bulky in the wrong top, so I'll wear one with sleeves instead of a tank."

What She Knows Works for Sure
Giuseppe Zanotti wedge sneakers and J Brand jeans. "They fit my curves well, and I can get into them without too much shimmying."

O Creative Director Adam Glassman's Take

Feminine pieces in flowy fabrics soften an athletic frame.

If you're athletic...
Wear halter styles—they draw attention away from broad shoulders and toward the face.

Try longer sleeves like three-quarter or elbow length; they slim muscular upper arms.

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Dress, CH Carolina Herrera, $1,130. Earrings, Sheila Fajl. Bracelet, Rivka Friedman. Shoes, Alejandro Ingelmo.