Roger Neve

Get Your Kicks On...
The inspiration: summer incarnate. July 4th. The good ol' red, white, and blue. Photographer Roger Neve (pictured), The Cleaner's Benjamin Bratt, his wife, actress Talisa Soto Bratt, and the O fashion team traveled to the Four Aces movie set in Palmdale, California, to showcase all-American (and all-American-designed!) fashion. And what better place to shoot than the emblematic USA highway Route 66?
Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto taking a photograph

Fashion at High Noon
Showing off no-fuss jeans—a staple of summer—Ben and Talisa get comfortable in front of Roger's camera. "They're really a great American love story," says Adam Glassman, O's creative director. "They're so in love, they're always inseparable, and they respect each other greatly. They have kids and they have a family, but look at them...they also know how to keep the fire going."
Adam Glassman

Movie Magic
The Four Aces set—a classic Route 66-style diner, an old-time gas station, and a 1950s motel—is nestled in the middle of California's high desert, and despite the theme, it was cold. "We wouldn't have been able to do the shoot in one day if we went to different locations," Adam says. "But it was really, really windy." Here, he waits outside the motel bundled up in a in a hat, scarf, and jacket. "Ben and Talisa were great sports."
Benjamin Bratt and Taliso Soto in O, The Oprah Magazine

Just Like the Wind
"Ben and Talisa were happy to be running," Adam says, "because it was so cold!"
Susan Anderson and Dallas Pierce on the O, The Oprah Magazine photo shoot

Propped Up
To get that weathered, summery feel, prop stylist Susan Anderson and her assistant Dallas Pierce stock the prop van with old Coca Cola bottles; red, white, and blue balloons; and marshmallows.
O, The Oprah Magazine fashion editor Ann Caruso

Striped Sensation
Contributing fashion editor Ann Caruso refers back to her digital camera to see the fitting photos from the day before. Clearly, stripes are a go.
Shoes at O Magazine photo shoot

The Shoes of Summer
"The high-heel strappy sandal is very popular this summer," Adam says, "but in all honesty, I love a Ked. You could wear them all the time—it's the perfect summer shoe." (Bonus: Can you spot the ice-cream cones?)
Adam Glassman at the O Magazine fashion shoot

Blown Away
Adam struggles with bunches of balloons, while Susan assists. In the end, they didn't make the story, but Adam says, "Balloons make me very happy. I always think of that song, 'Up, Up and Away!'"
Photographer Roger Neve shoots Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto

Ticket to Ride
Talisa and Ben evoke the all-American road trip in a 1966 Mustang convertible.
O Magazine photo shoot

In the Spotlight
About 25 people are on location for every shoot, including: a seamstress, a manicurist, photo assistants, caterers, digital techs, and a writer. Here, Adam catches one of the assistants handling a garment rack.
Ann Caruso at the O Magazine fashion shoot

Couscous Pilaf, Anyone?
Another integral part of any shoot is food. This truck, run by Off the Shelf catering, accommodates everyone's different dietary needs for the day. "Talisa was a wheat-free, gluten-free eater; so is Ann (posing in front of the menu, above); other people are vegetarian, some are vegan," Adam says. "And because we were in the middle of nowhere, you couldn't just run out and get someone something."
Roger Neve

Roger takes a look at photos inside the diner. Behind him, the set is ready for filming, with ketchup, mustard, and napkins on every table.
Motel sign in California

Looking Down
A photo assistant takes to the roof to hook up the neon sign in the waning light.
Benjamin Bratt and Talisa Soto with sparklers in O, the Oprah Magazine

And That's a Wrap
This shot was taken during "the golden hour," says Adam, "where the sun is just perfect for about 10 minutes, 20 minutes at the most, right before you lose it. Everyone looks beautiful in this light."

"The sparklers are a real nod to the Fourth of July," he adds, "but what you don't see is everyone standing around them with fire extinguishers—just in case. You have to be really careful in the desert."

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