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Glow for It: St. Tropez Dark Tan Bronzing Mist
A sunless tint for deeper skin tones.

The worst that could happen? I'd wind up looking orange, or splotchy, or both. The best? I'd get glowy and flawless skin—exactly what Sophie Evans, a tanning specialist with St. Tropez, promised to give me with just a few sprays of her tanning gun. Sophie used the brand's new dark formula, a liquid sunless tanner especially designed to give olive-to-dark skin tones like mine a vibrant richness that looks neither orange nor fake. After she sprayed me with two light coats, my skin looked just a little bit darker, but a lot more even and smooth. Hyperpigmentation spots left by mosquito bites, a couple of small childhood scars on my legs, and the tan lines I got on my last vacation—all invisible. Is it worth the $65 to $95 price tag? If I were going to a summer wedding in a short, strapless dress and wanted my skin to look absolutely flawless, you bet. (sttropeztan.com for salons) —Alessandra Foresto