Olio Lusso luxury oil

Photo: Gisel Florez/Studio D

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Word of Mouth: A Luxurious Face Oil
When I complimented a makeup artist friend on her glowing skin not long ago, she credited this face oil—then slipped me the phone number of a fashion stylist named Linda Rodin, who created the stuff in her kitchen. I called Rodin that very day, and she told me that I could find where to buy her Olio Lusso ("luxury oil") on her website, OlioLusso.com (it's sold at several boutiques around the country). Even her dermatologist, David Colbert, MD, is carrying it in his New York City office and selling it online at Store.NYDG.com (it gently smooths rough, sun-damaged skin, he told me). A blend of 11 essential oils (from apricot seed to sweet almond), Olio Lusso ($130) smells as sensuous as it feels gliding over your skin. Three days into using a few drops on my face and chest at night (I blend what's left into my cuticles), my skin already feels silkier. Rodin is launching an oil for the body (larger size, slightly less concentrated scent) this month. 

Jenny Bailly