In Your 50s and Beyond...
Don't even think of retiring from the skincare game. It's never too late to prevent sun damage and to stop the progression of damage you may already have. Cell turnover is slow; the most significant change you'll notice in your complexion is dryness and loss of elasticity. Expression lines no longer disappear after you stop smiling or squinting; pores are more visible, especially on the nose and cheeks. You're likely to have developed spider veins and hyperpigmentation (age spots), and precancerous spots from sun damage. (The Elos laser works well to zap spider veins, and the Fraxel laser reduces hyperpigmentation; precancerous spots can be treated with cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen) or topical medication, says Wendy E. Roberts, MD, assistant clinical professor of medicine at Loma Linda University Medical Center.) Menopause can cause a multitude of skin problems, including extreme dryness, acne, and rosacea. (See "I'm Too Old for Acne!" and Seeing Red)

Once you hit your 60s and 70s, basically all the issues that arose in your 50s become more extreme. Aren't you glad you're flooded with postmenopausal zest?

Your No-Fail Plan

Cleanser: Wash morning and night with a nonsoap cleanser or a creamy, foaming one.

Moisturizer: Apply a serum containing peptides or an antioxidant like vitamin C when your face is still damp. Serums, in general, are more easily absorbed than creams and lotions. Then apply a broad-spectrum moisturizer containing SPF 15 or 20, with UVA/UVB protection.

Nighttime treatment: Try Renova, a prescription retinoid, which is more moisturizing than others, says Roberts.