Q: I've been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, so I'm sometimes in a wheelchair. I need to be comfortable, but I still want to dress stylishly. What do you suggest?

A: Every woman should have the choice to be chic, whatever her circumstances, so I'm excited about Ag Apparel, a line of clever separates designed for people with physical challenges. It was founded by O and the White House Project's Women Rule! winner Jordan Silver, who was inspired by her aunt, an ALS patient. A few features to look for when shopping:

1. Uncomplicated closures (elastic waistbands, convenient extra zippers). 
2. Skirts and pants with just enough fullness for comfort—not tons of fabric. 
3. A shapely fit so your waist won't disappear when you're seated.

Ag Apparel Sitting Pretty: Ag Apparel's sashed top with a zipper on each side ($56) and a skirt with interchangeable panels ($60; $16 for additional panels). Also try these cute, stable shoes: heels featuring a Velcro'd strap (Asgi, $185) and patent leather flats with breathable rubber soles (Geox, $145).


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