Reggie Wells

During our How to Look 10 Years Younger show, Dr. Lisa Airan introduced the audience to the latest anti-wrinkle treatment: Restylane. Oprah's makeup artist and Harpo Boot Camp team member, Reggie Wells, recently lost weight and was concerned about the hollow areas under his eyes and fat pockets on his cheeks. Dr. Airan examined Reggie and determined he was an excellent candidate for Restylane.

Reggie didn't waste any time! Immediately following his consultation, Reggie flew to New York for his undereye transformation with Dr. Airan.
Reggie Wells gets Botox and Restylane

Dr. Airan briefs Reggie on the procedures. Their goal is to plump up the area under his eyes that has grown more hollowed out over time and also to get rid of some of the bags. First, she will make a little incision to remove the fat pads above his cheek bones. Then, he'll have injections of Restylane, a line filler under his eyes.

"Can I just get gorgeous quick?" Reggie jokes.

As a bonus, Dr. Airan injects a little Botox around Reggie's eyebrows to soften the wrinkles between his eyes and in his forehead.
Reggie Wells before and after plastic surgery

It's been two months since Reggie's procedure and it's time for Reggie to go public. This is what he looked like before...and after!

Oprah: Obviously I see him every day so I've seen the swelling go down. I think it took off five to seven years, maybe even 10 on a good day.

Reggie: Let me just say this to you: I am so young, gifted and black. ... It actually makes you feel younger.

Oprah: Are you happy? You're happy with the results?

Reggie: I am as happy as a lark.
Reggie Wells after Restylane injections

Reggie: It was an easy process for me. The hardest part, I think, was going through the swelling.

Dr. Airan: He wouldn't actually have had any bruising if we didn't remove the fat pockets.

Reggie: This is a big move because I would never think that I would ever sit down in a chair and have somebody inject these things into me. But let me tell you, if you're willing to take that first day of pain, it's only one day of pain, not when she's putting in the needles. It's after when you swell.

Dr. Airan: It was actually because of the fat pockets that he had any pain. With Restylane alone you wouldn't have had any pain. You may have a few days of swelling because that involves actually a little bit more detail and not everyone needs that. Reggie needed it.

Reggie: I wanted her to take some off the hips, but the needle wasn't big enough.
Terry before and after fat injections to remove bags under her eyes

This is what 58-year-old Terry looked like before her anti-aging procedure (left), and this is what she looked like six months later (right). Like Reggie, Terry had fat injected in the hollows of her eyes except Reggie got Restylane, which lasts up to a year, and Terry got fat, which is permanent.

How does Terry feel about her new look? "I'm absolutely ecstatic about it," Terry says. "I feel like I've had a big rest. I think I look younger."

Oprah: So now you can take out what we used to call "bags," that's what we're calling these fat pockets?

Dr. Airan: Actually what you're doing is re-contouring around the lid. One way that we describe it to patients is when you're young the way that the fat is held in [around] the eye is like a sling, like a hammock. And then as you age, the hammock loosens up and the fat can pouch out. In the old thinking, they would remove fat. But now you can use Restylane or fat to reshape, re-contour the lower eyelid area and that makes people look better, more well-rested.
Kim's TLC makeover takes 20 years off her looks.

Do you look a lot older than you are? Are you brave enough to find out? In a dramatic experiment on TLC's 10 Years Younger, women agreed to step inside a soundproof "age guessing" box in the heart of Santa Monica, California, and once inside, total strangers guessed her age!

A self-described hippy, Kim wondered if she looked as old as she felt. The average age 100 strangers guessed her to be: 51. Kim is really 43.

After a face peel, Lysik eye surgery, a hair cut, a new wardrobe, age-defying makeup tips and trapeze lessons, Kim says she feels 20 years younger!
Kathy looks 10 years younger after her TLC makeover.

One hundred onlookers guessed that 40-year-old, stay-at-home-mom Kathy was 50 years old. "I grayed so early I was so used to being gray," Kathy says. "My mother always said to me 'As long as your gray is white, then you're okay.'"

To help Kathy turn back the clock, she heads to the dentist's office where her yellow stained teeth are whitened and bonded. Next, it's off to the dermatologist's for salicylic acid chemical peel and a homework assignment: an at home skin bleaching kit to help get rid of her brown spots. After haircut and color, some helpful anti-aging makeup and some waxing, her "grandma grays" are long gone! "I feel it inside," Kathy says. "It just feels so much better."