Ageless beauty Tina

Tina, 41 years old, is often mistaken for a college co-ed. She started her modeling career at a time when most models are kicked out of the business!

Tina's secrets: Tina keeps active by chasing after her two-year-old son, and walking, walking, walking! She also swears by washing her face before bed and moisturizing.
Ageless beauty Rhonda

Rhonda, a 48-year-old grandmother, says she's as fit as she was more than 20 years ago as a Chicago Bulls cheerleader.

Rhonda's secrets: For starters, Rhonda does 50 crunches every morning, and can't resist a basketball hoop. She runs around after a 9-year-old, exercises regularly, gets plenty of sleep and stays out of the sun.
Ageless beauty Gail

Gail, 54 years old, is a grandmother of two, and a size 2!

Gail's secrets: Gail credits lifting weights and jogging.
Ageless beauty Shelby

We think Shelby, a 55-year-old salsa-dancing comedienne, is one of the only women her age who actually looks good wearing midriff-baring low-rider jeans!

Shelby's secrets: She keeps in step with Pilates, yoga and lots and lots of dancing.
Ageless beauty Madeline

Madeline, a 63-year-old marketing executive, once dated a 32-year-old man who nearly passed out when she told him her age!

Madeline's secrets: Meditation, swing dancing and dating younger men keeps Madeline looking great—she's currently dating a 44-year-old!
Ageless beauty Sondra

Sondra, a Pilates and yoga instructor, often gets carded when she asks for the senior citizen discount—she'll soon be 70 years old!

Sondra's secrets: Teaching yoga and Pilates, the latter of which works on the core muscles, keeps Sondra feeling and looking young.
Ageless beauty Vicki

Vicki may be almost 60, but she doesn't look like it! She uses some very unique age-defying secrets to stay young looking...and has worn the same clothing size all her life!

Vicki's secrets: She swims and dives every day. Vicky also picked up a little trick from a dermatologist in Florida for her extremely dry skin, caused by her extensive exposure to sun and swimming pools. "I have been putting vaginal cream on my face for 20 years. And I use that with Preparation H for puffiness and dryness around the eyes. I use that every night and it really seems to work."
Ageless beauty Kay

At 52, Kay has a jaw-dropping splits routine she's been doing since she was 15 years old!

Kay's secrets: Working out every day, eating every two to three hours, wearing makeup every day and wearing her Saturday underwear every day of the week.
Ageless beauty Kelly

Ten years ago Kelly tipped the scales at 171 pounds, and, she says, eating healthy was "totally foreign." She even had made the dreaded switch to elastic-waist pants.

Then, Kelly made the most important decision of her life, and it paid off big: She joined a gym.

"How I feel on the outside pales in comparison to how I feel on the inside, mentally and spiritually. And it goes so much deeper than what is on the outside...It's just profoundly changed my life," says the 42-year-old.

Kelly's secrets: Weight training, and she even entered a fitness competition last year. She exercises whenever she finds time, even doing dips in the kitchen and push-ups in her bedroom.

Kelly has a great tip to encourage exercise every day. "A lot of times just getting up in the morning and getting your day started is so hard. So...put your alarm clock across the room, across from your bed. But don't stop there: Put your tennis shoes right next to your alarm clock. So, when that alarm clock is going off, you walk across the room, shut it off, and you see those tennis shoes...and you know you've got to get them on and get it done first thing in the morning."