Tip #1

Wear less makeup as you get older. Lessen the amount of makeup, applying it only where you need to conceal flaws and play up your assets. You don't want a mask of makeup. Show off the true you!

Tip #2

Achieve a more glowing look with moisture-filled products to compensate for your skin's loss of natural oils. With that, you might want to use less matte makeup, which would counter any glow you'd like to achieve.

Tip #3

The older you get, the more you should tone down, or completely avoid, using shimmery eye shadows. They reflect the light, illuminating any imperfections.

Tip #4

Stop using frosted lipsticks, which don't look smooth on dry, thin or wrinkled lips. Like shimmery shadows, lipsticks with light reflectors may enhance flaws.

Tip #5

Choose sheer lipsticks, which can help your lips look plump and youthful. And consider using a lip liner because shiny lipsticks and glosses are more likely to feather on more mature lips. If you wear gloss, begin applying it at the center of your lips.

Tip #6

Avoid wearing harsh colors, or colors that contrast sharply with each other, like black eye color with bright red lips. Soften your look with prettier, muted tones.

Tip #7

Don't apply cakey foundation. Only apply a little amount just where you need it to even out your skin tone.

Tip #8

Blend tinted moisturizer with foundation or just use tinted moisturizer. It will give your face a glow as well as more color without applying a heavy mask of foundation.

Tip #9

Use a bronzer when you want a healthy, sunkissed look, rather than damaging your skin in the sun. Be sure to apply the bronzer after applying a little foundation here and there to tone down discoloration.

Tip #10

If you'd like to add a little splash of color to your lips, choose hydrating, creamy lipstick instead of matte lipstick that can dry your lips. Hydrated lipsticks will keep your lips smooth, but first apply a matching lip liner to hold the color on your lips longer.