A Two-Minute, On-the-Go Solution
The moisture strip on Schick Hydro Silk razor ($10; drugstores) is so effective, you can skip shaving cream, and the ventilated cover won't slip off in your toiletries bag. It's by far the fastest path to smooth legs—but we were stubbly again in about two days.

A Skin-Softening, No-Nick Solution
The depilatory in Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Total Care Body Trio ($15; drugstores) comes in a generous tub and includes moisturizing mango butter. It gave us silky legs in about five minutes, and the smell was much less noxious than most depilatories. Our results lasted almost a week.
wax kit

A Long-Lasting, No-Mess Solution
Remington Electric Roll-On Wax Kit ($20; walmart.com) makes at-home waxing a far less sticky situation by consolidating the mess in a roll-on applicator. Just insert the wax cartridge, plug in to heat it up, roll on dry skin, and remove with cloth strips. We were hair-free for three weeks.

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