Five women model Lee Jeans.

Finding the perfect pair of jeans is a daunting task. Finding the perfect pair of jeans for the perfect price? Even harder. Adam Glassman, creative director of O, The Oprah Magazine, has scoured the fashion world to find a budget-conscious jean on which he can put his fashion stamp of approval. 

"I'm always looking for great jeans under $100," he says. "Guess what? I found a pair of jeans under $50. They're totally incredibly, they're only $42, and they're by Lee Jeans." Adam says Lee has the three styles that look best on women with real curves: trouser cut, boot cut and straight leg.
Trouser-Cut Lee Jeans

Model: Anansa Sims

There are a few defining features of a great pair of jeans, Adam says. "You really want to try to find a dark pair of jeans. It's really the most flattering," he says. "If you want to try a jean that has kind of a tricky wash, be very careful. You don't want ones that are lighter or whiskering on parts of your body that you may not want to show off." 

These trouser-cut jeans by Lee fit the bill, Adam says.
Straight-Leg Lee Jeans

Model: Kate Dillon

Adam says the Lee Jeanshave a lot of the great features from Oprah's new favorite jean line, CJ by Cookie Johnson. "They have no-gap technology, similar to Cookie's," Adam says. "There's a hidden elastic built into the inside of the waistband, so it's really comfortable. No whale tail whatsoever. No muffin top. It smooths out the front side so you look longer, you look leaner."

Adam says all the jeans, including this straight-leg style, are extremely comfortable.
Boot-Cut Lee Jeans

Model: Amy Lemons

One aspect of jeans that buyers may not always take into consideration are pockets. "You don't want a very small pocket," Adam says. "The pocket should be no smaller than the size of your fist, and it should lay very smoothly on the backside. Unless, of course, you're looking to sort of build up your butt. Then go for the doodads." 

Adam says the pockets on this boot-cut pair of Lee Jeans are just right.

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