Salt-and-pepper hair gets a gray hair transformation.

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Problem: Mousy salt-and-pepper
Regina Mumme, 48

First gray sighting: "I was in my 30s. Gray hair has a way of making itself known: It was wiry and stuck up along my part."

Her reaction: "I dyed it brown. Sometimes I dyed it red. I liked dyeing it different colors; it was fun."

When dyeing stopped being fun: "About four years ago, the gray hairs started changing color; they got orangey. And then my husband said to me, 'Just go gray.' So with his encouragement, I cut off all the color and let my hair grow in naturally."

Why she won't commit to gray forever: "I've never been a platinum blonde!"

Rita's solution: "Regina's color—a drab brown—can get yellowish and dull when it starts to turn gray. I used a violet shampoo to remove dull yellow and enhance the silver. Then I applied a clear gloss to add shine."