Adding volume for a gray hair transformation

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Problem: Lacks volume
Cathy Guyton, 52
Ultrasound technologist

First gray sighting: "I was 17. My boyfriend's mother saw the gray first. Then in my late 20s I started getting it around my temples and in the front. It looked as if my hair was frosted, with lots of colors—brown, gray, white. By the time I was 45, it was all white."

Her reaction: "It never bothered me in any way. My grandfather was totally white at 30."

Her favorite thing about being gray: "At least twice a day, every day, I get stopped on the street by someone telling me they love my hair. Twenty-year-old boys, men, and women my own age, hairstylists. I think I look good because I'm comfortable with who I am; that's powerful."

Juan Carlos' solution: "Cathy's hair was heavy and limp. A slightly layered style—shorter at the cheekbone—and body-enhancing products give her hair a fuller, face-framing texture."