Photos: Gentl & Hyers  

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The Chunky-Knit Jacket
So rich and thick, you may not need a coat until winter.

The Deal (right)
Comfy as a bathrobe (but more elegant), a black honeycomb-stitch version of the classic kimono solves your black-tie problems and wraps things up for day. Victor by Victor Alfaro, $130

The Middle Ground (middle)
Thick but distinctly civilized, this nubby gray double-seed-stitch is not your rough-and-tumble fisherman's sweater. Longer hem, higher collar, and handy pockets make it a natural for indoor/outdoor use. Walter, $268

The High End (left)
A knit-stitch cardigan in heathered purple merino wool is no slouch at shape—its diagonal contours define the body as beautifully as a structured blazer, while the generous collar defends your neck. Lutz & Patmos, $595