Makeup tips

From New York to Paris, makeup artist Laura Mercier has her eye on the latest trends in makeup. But trends aren't right for everyone, she says, and they may be gone before you have a chance to grab your makeup remover. Laura sorts through five of the latest makeup trends that promise timeless appeal.
Gray eye color

Gray Eye Color
"Gray eye shadow is very trendy right now, but I say it's always the color," says Laura. "It's timeless. It's neither warm nor cool, but neutral. It's very easy to apply. And it matches every skin tone and every possible outfit. Women, think gray!"
Lip liner

Lip Liner
Laura says matching lip liner to lip color is popular now, but smart always. "I’ve noticed in the French magazines lately that lip pencil colors are no longer darker than one’s lipstick," says Laura. "So I recommend matching your lip liner as close as possible to your lipstick."

To apply, Laura suggests outlining your lips just over your lip’s natural border, so they’ll look slightly fuller and younger. Then, blend the lip liner all over the lips so your lipstick will hold longer.
Lip gloss

Lip gloss in summer
"Lip gloss is always great for summer," says Laura, who suggests women consider a nice, sheer lip gloss for the sunny season. Begin applying gloss at the center of your lips to distribute it evenly.

Orange Blush
"Orange blush colors are popular right now," says Laura. But she cautions against some women following this trend. "Blush colors on mature women should be more natural," she advises. "Natural blush is more plummy or pinkish."

If you’re still looking for an orange-ish hue, however, investigate alternatives like a brownish-pink, peachy pink, apricot or slightly golden or hazelnut hues.
Makeup technique

Precise application
It's all in the details these days. It's not just about color and texture anymore, but technique. Laura says a big trend in makeup is precise application. "Women are using more brushes, more tools. That way you can target what you need more precisely," she says. "So I recommend asking a makeup professional for help. Women who get more educated [in makeup] are always surprised at how easy professional makeup techniques are, and they'll make a tremendous difference in your appearance."