1. High heels add not only inches but poise: "You stand straighter and hold yourself more confidently," says 6 footwear designer Kathryn Kerrigan, 28, who produces cute shoes in the hard-to-find larger sizes many tall women wear.

2. Vertical lines have a slimming effect if you're both big and tall. Just pick your spots for stripes: on top for a leaner-looking torso; on the bottom to minimize wide hips.

3. Cropped pants are most flattering at the ankle bone, so what to do if they come only to your midcalf or knee? Buy regular-length pants instead of long to get the effect, or cover up with knee-high boots.

4. Bright colors and big prints do work when you're statuesque. On the pear-shaped, an eye-catching shirt balances hips by broadening the appearance of the upper body; for inverted-triangle types, bold skirts or pants can offset a more voluptuous top half. 

5. Pencil skirts make you look like a beanpole only if you wear monochromatic outfits that emphasize the vertical axis. Try a contrast instead, such as the classic white shirt and slim black skirt.


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