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Be Flexible with Your Goals
Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts made her dream of being at Wimbledon come true—she just took a different path to get there.

"I wanted to be a professional athlete. But there's something called ability that you must have. I knew that for me to be a professional athlete was to be a sports journalist. Tennis was my real love. I used to dream about one day being at Wimbledon. I could taste the strawberries and cream I could see myself curtseying there at center court. And I didn't make it there, obviously, as a tennis player, but let me tell you even though I had a mic in my hand instead of a tennis racket for ESPN when I went to cover it for the first time; to me it was like 'check! Wimbledon.' You have to be creative in reaching your goals and I think that's what really helped me so much in my life both professionally and personally. Just not being too rigid. Having goals and setting goals, but being flexible with them and knowing that it might not quite look like I think it's going to look and that's okay."