"Ten years come and gone so fast, I might as well be dreaming."
Paul Simon wrote that in a song for me, after a decade of The Oprah Winfrey Show.

And as is often the case with getting older, this most recent decade has swept by at what now feels like warp speed.

When we started this magazine, I had no great expectations. I was clueless about the business of magazine publishing. Sometime during the first few months, I actually said to our then editor in chief, "Maybe we should lose some of the ads. There are just too many of them."

I was immediately set straight on that point. We exist because of the ads. "Oooookay."

But we also exist because of you, our readers. Thanks to you, we are still here 10 years later.

The real joy—the gift for me—is the way you all have embraced the words and rhythms and art and heart we strive each month to share with you. Presenting every story, every photo, every layout in precisely the right way to get your attention and bring more light into your life: That has been our persistent goal. We want to be better and do better so we can pass it on.

My original intention—to create a magazine that could serve as a manual for living your best life—has surpassed my expectations. I've learned so much more than I intended to teach. I've not just aged another decade but have grown in grace and in gratitude for the opportunity we have each month to share words and ideas with you.

So what I know for sure—and I mean for sure—is that my heart is full of thanks to each of you who subscribes, or picks us up on the newsstand, or passes us along to your family and friends.

Ten cheers to you! It's really our anniversary. We couldn't have made it this far without you.

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