Bravery shows up in everyday life when people have the courage to live their truth, their vision and their dreams.

As I traveled the country on The Life You Want tour, I met some incredible women. In every city we visited, we honored the most inspiring of these women with standing ovations. Each was remarkable in her own giving, loving, supportive way. But one woman's story still abides with me: Estella Mims Pyfrom, a 78-year-old former teacher, married 56 years, with four grown children. She represents the ultimate in sacrifice, courage and conviction.

Estella and her husband, Willie, also a veteran teacher, sent four children to college and somehow still managed to set aside a million dollars from their not-millionaire salaries. But when Estella retired, she wasn't content to "go on the porch and rock." Instead, she took a gamble on giving back. She took her and Willie's savings, designed and built a bus, equipped it with computers and called it Estella's Brilliant Bus. She drives it herself to underserved communities, offering computer access to kids who would otherwise have none.

This one act of courage has now touched thousands of children's lives, helped those children touch the world and given them hope for who they can be. No wonder Willie calls Estella his hero.

This I know for sure: She is a hero indeed. Talk about stepping out of your comfort zone! She gave up the security of her nest egg and invested in the future—and she did it big.

People like Estella send a powerful message to the rest of us. Their courage is contagious. If she could do that, we think, then what could I do? And that really is the question: What can you do? What daring, brave, unconventional, adventurous, aspiring and inspiring dream can you behold?

Make your intention manifest this year. Starting here. Starting now. Thank you, Estella, for letting us know we can.


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