This is a time of year when you revisit everything in your life from choices to people! It's especially important now to be selective about how you "tell the story" of yourself to others as well as how you "tell the story" of the past to yourself. You want to choose the parts that empower you to be wanted in the way you need right now.

How Do You Feel Wanted?
Everyone has the right to feel wanted. I know I have felt very unwanted at times. In fact, I know few people who haven't. When a new year begins, you are fully aware of beginnings and endings. It's the time when you are most likely to take stock of your shortcomings and your failings. But this may not be the most powerful place to let go and begin anew.

My dear friend Demi Moore just created a new perfume called Wanted. Using aromatherapy and old traditions, the formulation contains the scents that create desire for both the wearer and all the people she comes into contact with. Demi used her intuition to put a scent together to make you wanted, which led me to ask the question, "How can you use intuition to be wanted as well as feel wanted?"

For those who are not familiar with my book on intuition, How to Rule the World from Your Couch you may find some of the following suggestions a bit odd, but try them anyways because the results will illuminate the process.

Assume You Have Something to Offer and Make It Your Job to Be Generous

My first book, Practical Intuition, was a New York Times best-seller because Demi put me on a plane, dragged me out to Chicago for the day and got us on The Oprah Winfrey Show. At the time, I was too shy to go to dinner parties. I didn't eat that day so if I threw up on camera it wouldn't be too ugly—that's how scared I was! It was generous of Oprah and Demi to make sure that book was seen because I was too green to do much on the show. But in the scope of their lives, it was a day for Demi and an hour for Oprah. It made an entire life for my son and me.

A man who lived on the street helped my son pass third-grade history. Their relationship began because my son was eating a hot dog in the park, and he felt rude not offering one to the man on the bench facing him. This man took an interest in what my son was reading, and a relationship that nurtured them both began. The point is, you may not realize that others need you but they do.

Mediumship, which is just a fancy intuitive word for "walking a mile in someone else's moccasins", is a great way to find what you have that's wanted. When you want to make contact, allow yourself to "be" the other person. Now, my readers know that there is no pretending in this experience, but for those of you who are new to intuition, simply pretend that you are the other person and notice what you need and want and what makes you/them feel wanted. Then, look back into yourself. I'll bet you there's something in you that is wanted by anyone and everyone. Try offering it. You will be wanted, and you will be useful. Two very life-sustaining things.

What signals are you sending?


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