MK: You like to do your practice in repetitions of eight. Why is that?

MI: I chose that number because eight is a power number. It represents power and abundance, infinity, endless resources of energy in the universe to manifest in our lives! (I like to give my life meaning, even if it is me doing my squats after my chair pose. I want it to mean something!)

MK: What's your vision for your life?

MI: My vision is that I am fully self-expressed. That every facet of my personality is integrated. Flaws, strengths and all! I have created the Visionmat, which is similar to O Dream Board. I include my goals and dreams in all areas where I have challenges and am looking to transform—my personality, finances, communication, home life, family, creativity, play, service, work, health, relationships, education, travel, career, community and the subconscious. I address all of these areas with an image and allow it to seep in subliminally. Then, I make the board and have the Visionmat created, which is a photo of that board made into a yoga mat. This is the perfect place, because it inspires me and allows me to be with my dreams and goals for an hour while I am practicing my yoga.

MK: Why do you think it's important to have a vision for your life?

MI: It gives everything a meaning and a greater purpose. A framework to live by. I always say: I never had a dream that didn't come true. (I've also never had a fear that didn't come true!) Honestly, even when something occurs that I don't understand, I try to drop to my knees and thank the universe for all the goodness that is coming from this thing that I don't understand...and even for the pain. I try to be grateful for all of it. It feels personally empowering to have a vision and then to observe it unfold.

MK: With celebrity clientele and a demanding schedule, how do you find time to balance, unwind and have fun?

MI: This is a great question! I am a natural-born doer and thinker. I am constantly on myself to be more productive even before I had these demands. Just like everyone, sometimes I need to take a few things off of the list, pause, make a date with myself. The things I enjoy are driving up Pacific Coast Highway and getting a tea, going to a bookstore. I love chatting with girlfriends. Taking a neighborhood walk. I am planning on getting a bike! To be honest, my own exercise program and yoga practice is how I unwind and have fun...that's how I became an instructor in the first place. I really love it!

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Mandy Ingber is one of the most popular yoga and fitness instructors in Los Angeles. She has been selling out classes and motivating people for more than 15 years. Mandy has been named "Best of LA" in LA Weekly and Los Angeles Magazine for the motivation and inspiration of her classes. Mandy's new yoga-hybrid DVD Yogalosophy is currently available.


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