Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook
I've learned to be deliberate. It's too easy to spend your life in reactive mode, so at the start of every day, week, and month, I identify the most important things to accomplish and set aside time to focus on them first.

Sara Keagle, flight attendant
On any given day, I may have only an hour in a new city. To be efficient, I rely on apps. for food, Urbanspoon is my favorite. on a longer layover, I use AroundMe: I type in what I'm interested in, like craft fairs, and it shows me what's nearby.

Ariella Sprague, medical student
Studies indicate that multitasking lowers productivity. So I focus on one thing at a time, and I do things that require concentration during the day, when I'm most alert. Tasks that require less brain activity, like cleaning, I save for night.

Annise Parker, mayor of Houston
I lay out my clothes the night before so once I wake up, there's not one minute wasted. In the morning, I put on minimal makeup, don't usually eat a hot breakfast at home, and skip reading the paper. I can read that at the end of the day.

Jennifer Murray, mother of 5-year-old quadruplets
I free up time with a game of team tidying: mom versus quads. It's amazing how quickly the dinosaurs disappear and the trains get tucked away. And I love the quiet that (briefly) follows!

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