All the quizzes and workbooks from the 2011 Feel Good Challenge will be posted here. Check back each month for more!

Laptop   Workbook #1: 5 questions to answer before you make any changes this year Feet   Quiz: How much do you know about sex today?
Sex Quiz   Workbook #2: Love and lust FGC Logo   Quiz: What's holding you back from feeling great?
Workbook   Workbook #3: Your beautiful mind Stress   Quiz: The stress detector test
FGC Logo   Workbook #4: What are your strengths? Emotions   Quiz: Are your emotions running you?
Workbook   Workbook #5: Are you stuck in the past? Dogs   Quiz: What's your emotional age?
FGC Logo   Workbook #6: Start exploring your web Fried   Quiz: Are you burned out?
FGC Logo   Workbook #7: How well do you understand the men in your life? Romance   Quiz: What's keeping you from connecting?
FGC Logo   Workbook #8: How much "body esteem" do you have? FGC Logo   Quiz: Are you at home in your body?


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