Amid the cacophony of celebration, gifts and rituals of the holiday season lurks underlying stress, obligation and family drama. Want to find a way to remain calm through it all? Mike Robbins shares his ideas on how to shift your focus to what's really important.
If you're anything like me you probably have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I love the excitement, parties, decorations, rituals, music, gifts, connections and more. However, even these fun things can wear on me. The stress, drama, consumption, obligation and expense that often come with this time of year are not on my list of favorite things.

I often feel like I'm not doing enough, not on top of my list and sometimes I worry that I won't get everything done in time to make the people in my life happy. Can you relate?

This year, especially with all that's going on in the economy and the world, what if we each made a commitment to appreciate the holiday season and enjoy the whole experience, regardless of our circumstances or any external pressure we may feel? Appreciating the holiday season, as with anything in life, will make it more enjoyable and much less stressful.

Instead of rushing around in a high state of anxiety about crossing every item off our never-ending to-do list, we could choose another way—one that will make this holiday season enjoyable, fun and peaceful.

The 3 things you can do to reduce stress this holiday season


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