Best Part of Adulthood

Going clothes shopping without my mom. She was never a fan of it, so we used to be two incredibly impatient people searching for decent outfits. Then I'd come home and realize that we'd just bought even crappier clothes than the ones I was trying to replace.

Best Way to Spend a Day Off

Grabbing a beer with my wife in our neighborhood, then heading home to watch a movie. We often try to better ourselves with a deep, big-message film, but end up slipping back into the finer works of Hugh Grant.

Best City

New York. There's so much life here that if it wasn't a real place, it would be a work of fiction.

Best Embarrassing Moment

For a friend's wedding in Bermuda, the groomsmen rented scooters to drive around. Of course, during the license test, I was the guy who crashed—in front of the whole group—and failed. I had to cab it everywhere by myself for the rest of the trip.

Best Quirk

I talk to myself when I'm walking. I don't even notice; my wife points it out. I'm usually working through a writing idea—while moving my lips.

Best Late-Night Snack

Lorne Michaels keeps a bowl of fruit in his office. When I was working on Saturday Night Live, there was always a rush to steal some of his high-end apples. He probably noticed, but never said anything.

Best Icebreaker

"Hi, I'm Seth Meyers. Have you read my O interview?"


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