Carla Loretz brings the music back to a school in Minnesota.

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Carla Loretz, of Wadena, Minnesota, purchases a memorial stone for a 15-year-old boy named Matthew who died of cancer. The engraved stone will reside in nearby Angel Park, which is described as a place of love and healing for those touched by the loss of a child.

Rick and Michelle appreciate Carla's kindness. Just a month after their son Matthew died, Rick developed heart trouble. Since having bypass surgery, he has been unable to work full-time and money is tight.

Carla arranges to have a stone inscribed for Matthew a few weeks before Angel Park's annual vigil. Now, Rick and Michelle can visit the park to remember their son. "It's a peaceful place for them to go and reflect on their life with Matthew and think about him." To ease their financial burden, Carla gives them a $175 grocery gift certificate and a $200 gas card.

Carla gives her remaining $500 to St. Ann's Catholic School in Wadena. St. Ann's has been without a music teacher for a year when Carla steps in to donate money toward hiring a part-time teacher. Members of the school have been seeking a way to teach music to the children despite a lack of funds, and Carla's donation is the answer to their prayers.

"I have been truly blessed to have this opportunity," Carla says. "From the school I learned that prayer is so powerful, and from [Rick and Michelle] I learned to take nothing for granted and to cherish all that I have and love."