Sophia Asare-Nkansah buys a used car for a shelter resident.

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Sophia Asare-Nkansah multiplies her $1,000, making a difference in the lives of several people in her Naperville, Illinois, community. She starts with Roshanda, a single mother expecting her third child. Roshanda, who has sickle cell anemia, has been forced from her apartment by a fire. Sophia buys her necessities for the family and some gifts for the new baby. An anonymous donor gives another $1,000 for Roshanda!

The next recipient is Guardian Angel Community Services, which provides shelter for victims of domestic abuse. Sophia buys toiletries and gas cards for the residents and helps one woman visit her family for the holidays. Body Energetics spa donates free massages and facials to the residents, and a local car dealership agrees to sell Sophia a used car for one of the women for only $50!

Through friends, Sophia meets Katrina survivors Jill and Phil, who relocated to Illinois, leaving many of their belongings in Louisiana. The couple is disabled and living on a fixed income, so a trip to Wal-Mart for new clothes is greatly appreciated. Finally, Sophia helps Erica, a single mother who is unable to work due to an illness. Sophia helps Erica with her rent and buys some things for her young daughter, including cold medicine and a winter coat.

"To work with all these different strangers that I have never met really changed my life," Sophia says. "It has given me a whole perspective of how life can be and how life is. I would love to do it again and again and again."